Luxe Natural Moisturizer and Super Skin Soother


Have you also experience any of these?
➡️ Your skin has acne wounds that are too hard to cover with makeup
➡️ Your skin is too dry? or sensitive?
➡️ Your skin is normal but you do want to protect and improve it.

This is the answer.
Try Erba’s Luxe Natural Moisturizer and Super Skin Soother.
No Parfum – Only Rose and Lavender Essential Oil that gives the natural scent.
No Colourant
No Paraben.
47% of Organic Materials in Total
Made with Botanical Extracts and Vegetable Emulsifier
Safe and gentle to use.

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Do you agree that many products in the category Organic mostly blows your budget? (Too expensive?)
Our great great grandparents used to consume organic all the time. They planted their own vegetables, harvested from their farm, caught wild fishes from the river. Organic was the only thing they could afford

The sad reality now is Organic = Expensive.

In this venture to produce the best, most effective product for Normal-to-Dry Skin, Acne And Eczema Prone Skin, we searched for the best ingredients that have been proven to work on healing and regenerating, and Organic (Eco Cert) too.

Yes, the botanical extracts used are very expensive, yet we still want to make the products affordable to you.
Some ladies are so lucky their skin is super flawless naturally. Good genes! Some of us are not so lucky, especially as the age creeps up, skin becomes more acne prone

Ladies 35 and above- do you experience this? When you are young, not even a zit appears, but now, just before period sometimes a tiny breakout suddenly occurring everywhere sending you on a stress train ride.


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