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In this formulation, there is Grapeseed Oil, Calendula Oil and Jojoba Oil , all of which the very gentle carrier oil so very luxurious to the skin. And to top it off, there is Lavender Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil which really help with the skin, promoting healthy and smooth skin. The texture for this Makeup Remover is like a cream.

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Since I use makeup almost everyday, one of the most important part of my skincare for me is Make Up Remover ( I use double cleansing. ie Step 1: Use Make Up Remover . Step 2: Use Cleanser) .

Unfortunately Im one of those people who always think I will lay down for a while only then to Zzzzzzz and wake up at 2 am in panic mode trying to clean up my face, solat Isya etc etc. .

The last few years this has been my favorite Make Up Remover formula because it is non greasy and it is non drying too. Most importantly, it helps remove my makeup very cleanly and while doing so, it helps heal the skin.

When your face is not really cleaned well, pores get clogged. Pimples and breakout will reign in.

Back to my story, even if sleep with my makeup on, or have my makeup all day at work, sweat and cook with makeup on (classic case of terus memasak bila balik dari kerja) at the end of the day, this Make Up Remover helps clean all the impurities. With this, my face does not break out with zits (oh believe me, sometimes just out of curiosity I still buy other brands but mostly I found that the “Removal” part is not so great. I do end up with small breakouts.

I really believe the formulation, although simple but the quality of the ingredients are critical. The use of Essential Oil is like pampering the skin. Lavender and Geranium EO has so much healing and other wonderful properties.

Take care of your skin, stay pretty, lovelies


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